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Potato Lore

A New World

In the wake of human civilization’s fall, the rise of the sentient potato was inevitable. For years, the lowly potato had been relegated to the role of side dish, often overlooked and taken for granted. But with humanity out of the picture, the potatoes were finally free to assert their dominance. Slowly but surely, the potatoes began to evolve, growing larger and gaining sentience. They began to communicate with one another, developing their own language and culture. And as they continued to grow in numbers, they started to form organized societies.

Conflicting Interests

The potatoes quickly realized that they had the perfect opportunity to take over the world. They could finally fulfill their destiny and become the dominant species on the planet. But before they could make their move, they were met with resistance from another sentient species: the carrots. The carrots, like the potatoes, had also been overlooked for years. But unlike the potatoes, they had never developed economic systems or the ability to build tools. They were content to stay in the background, content with their status as second-class citizens. But when the potatoes started to get organized, the carrots realized that they needed to do something to protect their own interests. They banded together with the turnips and the parsnips, forming their own alliance. And so began the great war between the vegetables. The carrots and their allies fought bravely against the potatoes, but they were ultimately no match for their intelligence and numbers.

The Aftermath

The potatoes emerged victorious, and the vegetables were finally forced to concede defeat. The potatoes had won the war, but the cost was high. Most of the vegetables had been killed, and the once-verdant world was now a barren wasteland. But the potatoes didn’t care. They had finally attained their goal of becoming the dominant species on the planet. And they would make sure to never let the vegetables forget it. From the ashes emerged corporations who mined the dead bodies of fallen vegetables for profit These new potato people colonized space, sending potato probes to other planets in an attempt to create more sentient potatoes. The ultimate goal of the potatoes is to create an intergalactic empire, ruled by a potato emperor. But for now, they are content to sit back and enjoy their newfound status as the most powerful beings in the known universe.


Q3 2022

  • New starch.one website
  • Additional Features for Mining
  • Stake Pool and Stake Pool Ranks

Q4 2022

  • Build-A-Potato NFT Sale
  • Starch Games
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Anarchy Machine Update
*Some of these items are subject to change based on project needs.

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