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Danger Squares

5 traits with 20 variations
160,000 possible unique variations
Send 12 ADA to $anarchy.machine 1 NFT per Transaction Do not send ADA from an exchange.addr1qya3dks3dyt4mtxaqgnyny58uf36ptr94hkec9da99hss9vjlh34veqa5x8hz5nkrxavkgrjqvp27vtxcdqs5ectuf3qtsnevfFollow on Twitter

Starch Miner

Send 15 ADA multiples to $starchminer Limit 5 per TransactionDo not send ADA from an exchange.


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Turtles is a NFT collection voted for by the community and made to support other projects and SPOs while also raising funds for Anarchy Machine
All art is being made in Discord live streamsJoin our Community and be a part of the next live stream

It's anarchist turtles all the way down...