Anarchy Machine


What Is This?

Anarchy Machine is a Staking Bot / Public Dumpster / Vending Machine on the Cardano Blockchain, it was created to help decentralization by raising funds to delegate exclusively to small stake pools.Anarchy in this context means no one has control over which stake pool the funds are delegated to. Delegation is determined algorithmically. 

How Do I Use It?

Vending Machine

Anarchy Machine can be used with the ADA Handle $anarchy.machine
  • Send 2.8 ADA to Mint 200k - 2M Anarchy Tokens.
  • Send 4 ADA to go Dumpster Diving and get a random NFT or Tokens in the wallet. View Here

Public Dumpster

This wallet functions as a type of dump for the Cardano Community used to throw away Tokens and NFTs.

How does it Work?

Staking Bot

This wallet will randomly change its delegation among unsaturated Stake Pools every 6 - 12 epochs.The selection process for stake pools is determined algorithmically with smaller Stake Pools having a greater chance to receive delegation, this is an attempt to further promote decentralization.

Anarchy DAO


Anarchy Tokens ($AMT) will be used for voting to determine: delegation of small pools, token distribution and anarchy themed NFT Projects to continue to fund this service. 

More information coming soon...

Anarchy Token Policy ID