Give Back

Donation Vending Machine

Send 10+ ADA and get back a random NFT or FT in the wallet.

Check out what's in the walletDo not send ADA from an exchange.Send to adahandle $giveback or the use address below.addr1qxgmdj79adgmwm4xgzyp87k88hhwv4rhq865fy0ztuscalz8htlt39c8ak3djhlda6xvagzpg83n3jtknkkj8xqcz44qtnfdxl

Donation Completed

2022-08-10 20:11:07 GMT -4

3560 ADA converted to 0.07790481 BTC (~$1,891.03 USD)Cardano Transaction: 831996d9d7987f72abec99ecf6a86043605238a22fec5ed61bde45563d3a468c Bitcoin Transaction: b7a72bc792468134e96fbe92bd2e9bd4496d187737c96bb5d9f8af990de32f3c Donation Destination: Voices of Children