Starch Miner

Send 15 ADA multiples to $starchminer

Limit 5 per Transaction

Do not send ADA from an exchange.


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How Does it Work?

Purchase a Starch Miner NFT, this will give you access to use the Starch Miner.Mine directly from your web browser on Desktop or Mobile without having to install any software.Unlike other projects there wont be coin distributions to founders / investors, 100% of tokens will be redeemable ONLY through mining using the Starch Miner.After every 215,000 blocks there will be a halving event that will make mining difficulty increase and rewards per block to reduced by half.

How Does Mining Support the Stake Pool?

By staking with the Starch Industries Pool you will receive double the rewards from mining Starch Tokens.All ADA gained from Starch Miner Sales and from redeeming Starch Tokens will be reinvested into Starch Industries to maintain this service and enable the development of more projects in the future.

How to get started?

  1. Get a Starch Miner NFT:
  2. Open your Starch Miner, visit use the search feature to search for the wallet containing your Starch Miner NFT.
  3. Copy and Paste your Miner ID into:

How to Redeem?

Redeem Starch Tokens at any time using the Redeemer Faucet.Send 6 ADA to the redeemer and get back all your mined Starch Tokens plus ~1.5 ADA.Transaction fees when redeeming will help maintain the mining system.

Core Tokenomics

Only 43T Starch Tokens were minted.Rewards will begin at 50M Starch Tokens. (Double for delegators of the pool)Halving will happen every 215,000 blocks.

Technical Information

Transactions are stored on a simple UTXO Sidechain called the Starch Chain.When mining Starch Tokens UTXOs are submitted into the UTXO Sidechain which keeps track of how many tokens have been mined and by who.Developer Documentation can be found Here

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